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Robert Allison at Old North

“How Did Old North Become Old North?” [Speaker Series Video]

Robert Allison, Suffolk University History Department Professor and Chair, answers the question, “How did the Old North Church become Old North?” Christ Church was built in 1723 when there already was an “Old North,” the venerable Puritan Meeting House over which the Mathers presided. How did the upstart Anglican congregation become […]

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Armenian flags wave at the commemoration on the Greenway

Photos: Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration Draws Thousands to Greenway

One hundred years after the Armenian Genocide of 1915, thousands gathered in Boston on April 24, 2015 for a milestone commemoration at Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway. People attending the large event remembered the estimated 1.5 million Armenians killed around the time of World War I by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Many highlighted the […]

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