NEWNC “Tables” Confusing Plan for Cross Street Sidewalk Area

The North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) had a perplexing discussion at its October meeting regarding the proposed sidewalk plan in front of the former...

Green Ticket Bill Needs Support

NEWRA’s Clean Streets Committee is asking residents and merchants to send in the following letter in support of the Green Ticket Bill to our State representatives. The Green Ticket Bill is an important step in improving the trash problem in the neighborhood.
Download the Letter (also pasted below):
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Here is a summary of the House Bill #3588 (Green Ticket Bill) and testimony from the City’s Inspectional Service Department (ISD) that explains why the bill is so important. House Bill #3588 is anticipated to be favorably voted out of Committee but still has a bit to go. 

Globe Highlights Boston’s Harborwalk

The Boston Globe treks the Harborwalk, starting with the 4.5 miles from the Long Wharf through the North End to Charlestown. "Intimate gardens provide...

North End Greenway Gardens – Call For Volunteers

Volunteer Call!   Come Help Care for the North End Greenway Gardens! The Horticulture staff is seeking a group of five or so volunteers to assist...

Clean Streets Committee Keeps Working

The Clean Streets Committee of NEWRA keeps plugging away at the near insurmountable problems of trash and rats in the North End. Tuesday’s well-attended...

City Council Hearing on Styrofoam Containers

The Boston City Council’s Committee on Government Operations will hold a public hearing on Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 2:00 PM.  The hearing will be held in the Christopher A. Iannella Chamber on the Fifth Floor of Boston City Hall.  The subject of the hearing is

Docket #1083, An Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Non-Recyclable and Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Containers

This matter was sponsored by Councilor Stephen Murphy and was referred to the Committee on Government Operations on Wednesday, August 26, 2009.

Members of the public are cordially invited to attend and testify. 

North End Rats on the Political Scene

The Globe highlighted the North End’s problem with rats in its Columbus Day article which discussed the Mayorial candidates view of the issue. “Flaherty said...

Rat Hearing, i.e., A Hearing About Rats


“Bottle Bill” Expansion Hearing

Massachusetts lawmakers are studying a potential expansion of the state's 28-year-old beverage container deposit program, generating up to $20 million in new revenues. Among...

City’s Street Improvement Team Coming to North End on Thursday, October 1st

**NOTE: THERE IS A CHANGE IN DATE AND LOCATION. THE UPDATED INFORMATION IS SHOWN BELOW.** From the City's Office of Neighborhood Services: The City's Street Improvement...

“Street Improvement Team” Hits the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood on October 1st

The City's "Street Improvement Team" is like a swat team that each Saturday attacks a different neighborhood and fixes all the little things, making the place look a bit better. They will bring the labor and materials to the North End/Waterfront on Saturday, October 17th. (Ed: You have to love election years!)

Have a fix-up suggestion for the team? Email to get your request on the list.

Below is the text from the City's press release.

Clean Streets Committee Talks Trash

When Public Works tried to install more trash barrels around the neighborhood a few weeks ago, they ran into an unexpected problem. Many residents...