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About Us

Established in 2009, is a community “hyperlocal” website created to share local neighborhood “news and views” about the North End and Waterfront area of Boston, Massachusetts.

Neighborhood News

This site attempts to inform and comment on the “micro-news” and “goings on” that make living in our historic neighborhood so special. Information from various neighborhood groups, community organizations, local residents and businesses is always welcome. Find out about upcoming meetings and events on the Community Calendar.

We hope that can fill some of the gap left by the major media that have cut back on neighborhood reporting. We especially like to report on important community meetings.

Commentaries and Opinions

We welcome contributions and opinions from the community. Discussion is encouraged through the comments section and forum. As is the nature of blogs, we occasionally share our ‘views’ or two cents on various issues where we can add perspective but we do not feel the need remark on everything. Feel free to submit your own commentary for publication to

All opinions should be attributed solely to the individual post author and do not necessarily reflect the editors of or its other writers.

Photos and Videos

We live in a fabled and historic neighborhood with incredibly fascinating colonial streets, parks, plazas, statues, buildings and a picturesque waterfront. Through photos and videos, this website will show off these amazing scenes. Photos are also an important part of many articles to add a visual element of the meeting or event. See our latest photos and videos here.

Read at your own risk!

This site is NOT intended to be a comprehensive news source. This is a community blog more than an investigative news site.  Please understand that we do not have the resources of a full-time news organization.

We assume no liability for harm as a result of comments or posts made by others, nor the inaccuracy of attributed sources.

This is a part-time project that we do mostly in our spare time. The website will not always be updated and some information will be incomplete. We strive to be accurate, but the information herein should not be relied upon and we assume no liability for errors. Please also be aware that our web polls are not scientific or audited.

Most posts are written by a single person and we do not have the luxury of a dedicated editorial staff to proofread everything. We do our best, but occasionally in haste typos, grammar errors etc. will slip through. If you do spot a typo, a nicely worded correction via our contact form is always appreciated.

Share our News and Photos … But, Please Credit Us!

You are free to share this work for non-commercial purposes with attribution to, preferably including a link back. Unless otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Use the Contact Form for commercial requests.

Who are we?

My name is Matt Conti and I am the founder and editor of I have lived in the North End/Waterfront area for nearly all of the past 20 years (I left briefly, missed the neighborhood and moved back). I attend many community meetings and am involved in several neighborhood groups. I do not represent or speak on behalf of any particular organization. This is a part-time, hobby-like project for me.

Conor Finley is our part time community reporter. He is a recent Suffolk University graduate and North End resident.

Would you like to be a regular contributor or columnist? Contact Us.

More Disclosures

In 2013, we took over a North End directory website,, that includes advertising. On, there is no paid advertising or sponsored content.

The North End / Waterfront is a relatively small and tight knit community, so many of our contributors have other interests and ventures that could be perceived as a conflict of interest. When it is relevant, we ask folks to disclose such relationships but cannot guarantee that conflicts do not exist.

Comments Policy

We encourage comments and posts on the forum, in accordance with our policy.

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