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Optical Illusion Art Added to The Greenway Near Hanover Street

Meredith James’ false perspective piece titled, “Far from this setting in which we now find ourselves,” is on the Greenway near Hanover Street.

Earlier this month, the Greenway Conservatory announced that three artists’ work will be installed on the Greenway throughout the Summer. Each artist is contributing art related to the theme of “Playful Perspectives.”

One of the three artists, Meredith James, has contributed her piece, Far from this setting in which we now find ourselves, to the Rose Kennedy Greenway’s award-winning public art program. The optical illusion piece sits at the top of Hanover Street.

Looking through the small hole allows a viewer to see a distorted perspective. A Worker finishes the final touches of the piece.

James’ piece is called an Ames room. This three-walled trapezoidal room has been built with a false perspective. When standing back from the three walls, it appears even and square. However, when you walk onto the art piece, the floor slants downward. Looking through the viewfinder allows one to see people grow or shrink depending on where they stand in the room.

The Ames room is surrounded by green walls holding live plants. This garden-like imagery and the title of the art piece reference the Alain Resnais 1961 film, Last Year at Marienbad. The film features the Nyphenburg Palace garden near Munich, Germany. James adapted the garden to create her Ames room that now sits on the Greenway.

Throughout the Greenway, two other artists, Mark Reigelman and Aakash Nihalani, will be installing their artwork as well as James. These pieces will complement the preexisting artwork already on the Greenway.

James’ art piece is 34 feet long and approximately 450 square feet. For more information on the Summer art installations, visit The Rose Kennedy Greenway website.

2 Replies to “Optical Illusion Art Added to The Greenway Near Hanover Street

  1. WHAT a piece od nonsense. I hope that no taxpayer money was spent on this silly thing. I the park area is for children and not one inch should be removed from their play area…………

  2. Sorry to disappoint you but the North End Parks and the rest of the Greenway Parks are for EVERYONE. There is plenty of room for the children to play in these parks as well as others on the Greenway, Christopher Columbus Park and other parks throughout the North End and the city of Boston

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