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Cycle Track Riders Better Not Follow the Signs


The list of mistakes on the North End cycle track continues to grow. Paul Foster shares this photo of a recently installed sign for cyclists.

The sign contains several obvious errors. Placed on the northbound side of Commercial Street, the sign incorrectly sends cyclists to North Station by going over the N. Washington Street Bridge. It also indicates that Charlestown straight ahead (should be right). Interestingly, the sign is correct with the direction of the Charlestown Navy Yard but in a different direction than Charlestown itself.

We previously posted on several design and construction faults regarding the North End cycle track. [See City Won’t Fix Design and Construction Faults of North End Cycle Track.] Feedback has been strident from both supporters and those opposed to the cycle track. Regardless, city officials have yet to take any action to fix mistakes in curbs, sight lines, driveways, sidewalk construction and now, signage.

6 Replies to “Cycle Track Riders Better Not Follow the Signs

  1. Maybe y’all get lost and never come back. Then they can deconstruct the track and make Commercial Street safe again!

  2. I think you may be just reading this wrong.

    Charlestown: 0.5 miles ahead, via a right hand turn on N. Washington St Bridge.

    North Station: take a right and go under the N. Wash bridge, thus avoiding the cluster-F intersection of N. Wash and Commercial/Causeway

    Charlestown Navy Yard most easily accessed by going under the bridge and across the dam.

    1. At first, I thought the same thing that they were directing (some) cyclists to use the Harborwalk under the N. Washington St. bridge. I could be wrong, but after going over there I think it’s just a mistake on the sign. There is another sign a few feet further up that contradicts with this one.

      When the cycle track ends at Charter Street, there are several large street markings that merge cyclists back into the vehicle lanes in front of the skating rink on Commercial St. (which turns into Causeway St.) and toward the Keany Square intersection.

      I’m not sure the intent was to have bicycles use the Harborwalk under the bridge. I haven’t seen any signage there or along that path.

      Doesn’t going across the dam to the Navy Yard require quite a bit of backtracking versus just going over the bridge?

    2. The intent is that bicyclists headed to North Station or to the Charlestown Navy Yard should go right and follow the path along the harbor, underneath the North Washington St bridge. Those destined for the Charlestown Navy Yard would then use the dam/locks to cross and would then use a soon-to-be-built cycle track that connects from Paul Revere Park directly to the Navy Yard. Other bicyclists destined for Charlestown can use a less-bicycle-friendly route via the N Washington St Bridge (although when the bridge is reconstructed it will have cycle tracks as well.)

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