A water main broke on Sunday night at Wiget Street (between Salem & North Margin Streets) in Boston’s North End. Residents were told that Boston Water & Sewer would repair on Monday morning. Adam Castiglioni shares the scene with hundreds of gallons of water flowing at the end of Wiget Street.

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  1. They are not fixing it until tomorrow (Tuesday) due to the marathon. Exact words from BWSC worker who answered the emergency number when we called today. The water will continue flowing until some time tomorrow.

  2. It was finally fixed around 11am this morning and was roughly less than 3 hours to complete the work. I’d love to hear the reasoning for allowing water to flow form the broken main for over 30 HOURS when it was such and easy fix. Ya ya, Easter weekend, marathon BS. Who knows what the potential long term damage may be to buildings around the leak. Water damage? Sinkhole?

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