Police Safety Reports: Homeless Robbery, Missing Ring, Stealing from the Blind

Boston Police ReportsBoston Police District A-1 provided an update on recent neighborhood crime incidents, summarized below, at the November 2016 North End Public Safety Meeting. The figures below cover the last 30 days period:

Part 1 Crime (YTD)
– City-wide: Down 7%
– District A-1: Down 4%

Larcenies (7)

– 10/7 at 300 Hanover Street, 12.00am: Blind person was scammed by a friend who was counting their money ($120) for them, the suspect walked away post-incident and flagged down a cab.

– 10/20: Victim ordered sneakers on eBay (paid for via PayPal). The sneakers were determined to be fake, the victim could not reach the seller.

– 10/21 at 15 Unity Street: Boxes were delivered to lobby, but they were already opened.

– 10/23 at 404 Commercial Street, 8.00pm: Bicycle chained to a streetlight pole was stolen, the value of the bicycle is $250.

– 10/27 at 10 Prince Street, 5.48pm: Ring missing from kitchen table, it is currently unknown if the item was stolen or simply misplaced.

– 10/31: Victim met a homeless male at the Haymarket “T” stop, who then helped carry the victim’s bags to her apartment. She let him enter her apartment to watch TV, and $700 cash was stolen, along with 6 bottles of prescription medications.

Larceny from a Motor Vehicle (1)

– 10/21 at 600 Commercial Street (North End Parking Garage): A car was parked overnight (keys left with the valet) when the victim returned to pick up the car, a laptop and iPhone was missing.

Arrest (1)

– 10/14 at 44 Prince Street, 8.20pm: Assault & Battery (domestic incident).

– 11/2 at 137 Endicott Street: Man pulled out a knife and was waving it around, the suspect fled the area. Hours later, at 2:30am, the suspect was located by Parziale’s Bakery, no knife was found. The suspect appeared to be a homeless person, who provided the police with an address of 39 Boylston Street (Street Francis House).

North End Public Safety meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, 6:00 p.m., at the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All are welcome!

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    1. Worse yet, referred to as a “friend”. Real sad. Notice that a lot of the victims are victims of there own trust in others. Also, why report and Ebay scam to police? What can they do? Seems like the remedy would be to contact Ebay and have the Paypal payment reversed.

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