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Neighborhood Photo: Elect DiMasi Sign Posted

A classic “Elect DiMasi Representative” sign was posted on this Prince Street office to recognize Sal DiMasi’s return to Massachusetts and his longtime representation of the neighborhood. Back in the day, the signs used to blanket the North End store windows. The old sign was recovered and posted by Philip Frattaroli. Photo by Michael Dello Russo.


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18 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Elect DiMasi Sign Posted

  1. Wow so the elder residents throw a parade for a man convicted of taking bribes, which is basically stealing taxpayers money. Yet if a bar wants a liquor license they are the most greedy people to walk the face of the earth. The elders are the definition of hypocrites!

    1. Young Res. I know exactly where you are coming from, but there are 2 sides to this story. What Sal did
      was absolutely wrong, we all know that. Bars & liquor licenses have infringed on our quality of life. Sal
      obviously did help people, and believe me, I was not one of them. I think it is very nice of these people
      he did help to remember that; most people have amnesia attacks & forget.
      The only difference between the Government & the Mafia is the Government is above the law & the Mafia
      isn’t. Sal got caught, but don’t ever kid yourself & think for 1 reason he did anything different than most
      politicians, not ALL I know you probably weren’t around or even born in the early days in this neighborhood, but those of us that were, felt so much safer than we do today. Hypocrites, never, acknowledging those
      that helped us in times of trouble is what is comes down to.

    2. You have a case for hypocracy. Massachusetts has a long history of political corruption. Not new here. As Chuck Turner once said, “They’re all doing it.”. He might have been a convicted crook, but I think he was telling the truth with this remark. Also note, that Sal’s two predecessors would also become convicts too. Actually, I think Sal’s predecesor in this ward had some issues too. Not sure if he ever went to jail though. So go out, get drunk and make lots of noise. It’s hard compare crime around here.

      1. T. Mobile

        We are not comparing political corruption to alcholic licenses, etc I don’t think anyone in the
        neighborhood welcomes corruption, but to tell someone to go out & get drunk & make lots of
        noise, you are deliberately asking for trouble, and if anyone follows your suggestion I only
        hope it is the cops that come out to confront the situation, for their sake.

  2. I remember the sign. Those where the good old days. I hope Sal gets to see it. I was thinking of all the negative comments that where made about Sal and didn’t respond because I was enraged. I figured it out Some people didn’t know what a wonderful person and loyal friend he is. We wish him all the best for sure! Corinne,Geno and Geno Testa Jr

  3. Philip and Young Resident:
    Philip, that was a nasty remark to Matt. If you don’t approve of his articles, don’t read the paper and we will be spared of your sarcasm.

    Young Resident: Perhaps your mentality is too Young to live in the North End.

  4. Sal was instrumental in legislating and passing the Mass Health Care bill. God bless him. May he live the balance of his life in peace.

  5. S. I couldn’t disagree more! Mine wasn’t a “nasty comment”, I was joking with a friend, someone I have the upmost respect for! I posted under my real name and email address. Clearly it is a slow news day if my hanging a sign in my window is front page news! If my sarcasm offends you so much, please take your own advice and don’t read my infrequent posts. But given whats in today’s national news, you and the President Elect, might be well served to read the first amendment to the Constitution.

    Young Resident: There is a ton of hypocrisy on display in online comment boards, no question. But what you describe is non sensical. Sal DiMasi served his neighborhood with distinction for over three decades, he was convicted of a crime, served his time to the satisfaction of our Justice System, and now has returned home. He was born in the tenements of the North End and rose to the highest levels of State Government. He was an early proponent of and is largely responsible for Gay Marriage and Universal Health Care being the law of the land not only in Massachusetts but in the United States ( He advocated for this neighborhood and help transform it into what it is today. Now, after paying his debt to society, he is an old friend fighting a deadly illness who is returning home. I, along with the thousands of North Enders who know him and are grateful for the immeasurable contributions he made to our community and to our country, am glad he’s back.

    1. Philip, great response to Young Resident. There is a great deal about “honest services fraud” that many don’t understand, and even such intellects as Antonin Scalia have criticized the statute as overbroad and unconstitutional. Young Resident exposes his credulousness and naivete when he condemns Sal so dismissively. Thankfully, though, there were legislators like Sal and others who created and maintained a safe, healthy and vibrant atmosphere in the commonwealth where Young Resident can add experience, wisdom and empathy to his obviously-scant inventory of those commodities.

  6. young resident. if your going to comment [over & over} about the release of Sal DiMasi you should have at least read the Judges order & the explanation of the circumstances that led him to the decision he made.No one is throwing a parade but apparently you would prefer a Funeral.

    1. Michael never once in my comments did i say he deserved to die, nor did i really argue he shouldn’t have been let out. Thats not what I take issue with. The comment section is essentially acting like a parade for a man who is convicted of taking bribes, or did you skip over that part in the indictment. I have no issue with Mr. DiMasi living out the rest of his peacefully with his family, but this nonsense that you are forgetting the fact that he is this saint is rediculous. I am sorry to be the one to point out he used his status as a representative of the north end to take advantage of people and accept bribes. I am sorry if i choose not to celebrate his release with posters and cheerful comments on Matt’s Blog.

  7. young resident.I never said that DiMasi was “a saint” none of us are, but I think that if you read between the lines the judge felt that further incarceration would amount to a death sentence.You have beaten the point to death that DiMasi used his status to line his pockets. He lost his freedom, his pension his beloved condo in the NE & HE PAID FOR HIS CRIMES. At least he was a stand up guy ,because he knew where all the skeletons were buried ,knew how the “game” is played in Boston but he kept his mouth shut & did his time.The “testimonials” from people show that DiMASI DID A LOT OF GOOD for the area he represented & helped a lot of people.

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