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Residents Oppose Cross Street Development Plan at Former Martignetti’s Site

Proposed Cross Street Plaza at Hanover – Aerial View (Charter Realty Meeting Handout)

Charter Realty and Development attended another neighborhood meeting as they committed to once again present their proposal that encompasses the current four story residential/commercial building at 53 Salem Street and 64-66 Cross Street (one-story retail) also known as Martignetti’s.

The project comprises of 5,500 square feet with potential site wide seating if an agreement can be reached with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) which owns the property directly in front of the project.

The project is within the zoning guidelines and height limits at approximately 30-35 feet and has apparently been approved for design by the Boston Development Authority (BRA).

It was mentioned by Karen Johnson, that the BRA recommended at a meeting, that Charter Realty should consider going up 55 feet and expand the front of the property. The development firm for several reasons rejected that possibility and would go forward with their original plan presented to the community.

Although Charter Realty does not need any variance or other relief for their construction, they are interested in getting community by in hopes to their plan and approached and volunteered to attend the co-sponsored NEWRA and NEWNC public meetings.

Residents at the meeting vigorously oppose the design of the project, claiming it did not have a relationship to the to the favor of the North End and it looks like it should be located in the Newbury Street area.
They are asked the developer to add some brick work to the design. Johnson said it may be possible but didn’t commit to the suggestion. She noted if a potential tenant wants some changes it could possibly be worked out.

Residents also raised concerns of usage on the roof deck. Johnson said, “Not at this time but that could change.”

In addition, residents are asked if the build and could be sold to one tenant. Johnson said, “They are still marketing tenants including some from the North End but nothing has developed at this time.”

Will Charter Realty sell the building was the last question asked. Johnson said, “Not at this time, but that could change.” She also noted that the “firm usually hold onto the property for at least five years”.
Charter Realty will have to deal with the City of Boston, MassDOT and others to obtain related permits.

The project is expected to be completed by the spring of 2017 and Charter Realty will contact the neighborhood to inform residents of changes, tenant selection, and applications for any further licenses need.

Residents clearly thought this was a done deal as far as a design and it appears that’s the case. But residents told the firm that they do not want chain stores in the project.

Construction information (times and staging locations) will be provided to the community. Traffic and pedestrian control will be established with the hiring of police details.

4 Replies to “Residents Oppose Cross Street Development Plan at Former Martignetti’s Site

  1. “It was mentioned by Karen Johnson, that the BRA recommended at a meeting, that Charter Realty should consider going up 55 feet and expand the front of the property. ”

    Doesn’t sound like the city/BRA has the residents’ back on this one.

  2. This is a huge improvement and would make a very enticing entrance to the North End. The property is on a main thoroughfare and is perfectly appropriate.
    Businesses have not been able to survive here and this would help. Would the residents rather a blighted and desolate look?

  3. It’s pretty obvious that the BRA wanted something as tall as possible at the edge of the Greenway so they can push that for all of the other frontage including the big parking lot on the other side of the Callahan Tunnel next to the Spaulding Center.

    And I assume everyone is aware that the BRA has basically ignored public comment and has proposed that Chiofaro can build a monstrous 600-foot tower on the land next to the Aquarium and Harbor Towers. The “offsets” for the BRA allowing this monster to be built are poor recompense for the distortion of the space and light that will occur in the area.

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