GE: If You’re Going to Call Boston Home, Get Your Historic Landmarks Right

GE’s Globe Ad showing the “revolutionary” Memorial Church (Cambridge) built in 1932

General Electric is new to Boston, so we can’t expect them to know everything just yet. Still, maybe GE should ask their advertising agency to do a bit of research before taking out full page newspaper ads citing “revolutionary ideas” with photos of the wrong “revolutionary” landmarks.

The ad is a great concept highlighting Boston’s pivotal role in the American Revolution with an intended photo of the iconic Old North Church, founded in 1722. Old North is known worldwide for the lighting of the signal lanterns on the night of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride at the start of the American Revolution. Here in the North End, we applaud the feature of one of our most historic landmarks.

Old North Church Steeple
Actual Old North Church, founded 1722 (NEWF Image)

Unfortunately, the landmark pictured in the ad is not the Old North Church in Boston’s North End. Instead, the photo shows the steeple of Memorial Church in Cambridge. Memorial Church was not built until 1932, long after the Revolutionary War.

The ad text says “Boston’s revolutionary spirit makes it the perfect place to launch a world-changing Digital Industrial Revolution. In other words, it’s the perfect place to call home.”

Good luck with your revolution, GE. If you want to learn about the one back in 1776, take a walk on the Freedom Trail.

That’s ok, it’s a newbie mistake. We’re still glad you’re coming to Boston.

Heads up for the next ad: It’s “two if by sea.”

5 Replies to “GE: If You’re Going to Call Boston Home, Get Your Historic Landmarks Right

  1. Good eyes, Matt. I wondered when I looked at the roof. I know Old North is undergoing a restoration but it looked odd. But I thought it was me.

  2. In fact, GE, while exploring the internationally famous Freedom Trail you will be charmed by the neighborhood in which the Old North Church is located. Some of your employees may even enjoy living in the North End. See you in the ‘hood!

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