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Chiofaro and BRA at Impasse Over Harbor Garage Development

City officials and the Chiofaro Company have been unable to agree on the “feasibility” of certain development parameters at the Harbor Garage site, adjacent to the New England Aquarium. Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) Director, Brian Golden, responded today to concerns by members of the Downtown Waterfront Municipal Harbor Planning Advisory Committee regarding the lack of progress, side discussions and numerous (14) cancelled meetings this year.

The BRA parameters for the Harbor Garage were presented earlier in the year at 600 feet high with a 900,000 s.f. density limit. This was reduced from Chiofaro’s originally proposed 1.3 million s.f. density, yet substantially more than current zoning height of 150 feet. (See Proposed Maximums here.)

The complete letter is shown below, indicating the BRA has begun discussions with majority property owner Prudential Real Estate in an “attempt to overcome the current impasse.” The BRA has also confirmed that the December 2nd meeting of the Advisory Committee will go on as scheduled, 3pm at Boston City Hall.

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    1. Mary,
      What are the nuances of the roles of developers and designers? In an ideal world, they work together. Designers should ‘lead’ the development of a building and developers should keep the designer informed. If they work separately in their roles, they create a monster.

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