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“King Tide” Brings Record Sea Level Rise to Boston’s Waterfront

Boston’s waterfront saw its highest tide of the year last week, known as “King Tide.” The relative position of the sun and moon created a tide nearly 2 1/2 feet higher than average. Using estimates of recent climate change research, it also showed how the cityscape will look as the average Boston Harbor height around mid-century.

The Union of Concerned Scientists wrote a post with more information about this week’s tidal flooding. It emphasizes that king tides are becoming higher, lasting longer and coming inland.

The Boston Harbor Association shared the following photos around the area. More of them can be found on Facebook.


5 Replies to ““King Tide” Brings Record Sea Level Rise to Boston’s Waterfront

  1. Pretty frightening, if you ask me. These photos should be displayed at the next “Long Wharf” meeting.

    1. Yet the BRA wants to appeal the ruling against them at Long Wharf. Should also be displayed at the next Lewis Wharf hotel development meeting.

  2. Wow Looks quite different I left the Waterfront in the mid 70’s. Regards to Jean Eisenstadt and any other long term wharf rats from the 70’s.

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