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Natural Gas Readings Shows Multiple Methane Leaks

Interactive Boston Map of Gas Leaks

The City of Boston has an interactive map of gas leaks, the only one in Massachusetts according to a Muckrock article. In 2014, the Massachusetts legislature passed a bill to help detect and repair gas leaks. This process is an effort to plan and fund pipeline upgrades.

We took a look at Boston’s interactive map of gas leaks for the North End / Waterfront and downtown Boston, shown above and also available at this link. Air sensors on a street-mapping car from 2013 account for most of the readings in Boston.

The most serious natural gas leakage in the neighborhood was recorded at the North End side of the North Washington Street Bridge, also known as the Charlestown Bridge. The major pipeline under the bridge is due to be replaced as part of the pending renovation. Another “medium” threat was noted across from North Station. In addition, there are several low level leaks throughout the neighborhood and downtown Boston.

Methane as leaked natural gas is a large contributor to climate change, according to the Environmental Defense Fund website. Most leaks don’t pose an immediate threat to safety or health, but some can. If you ever smell gas, or have any reason to suspect a problem, experts say to immediately exit the building or area, then call the authorities. For information specific to National Grid, see their safety page.

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  1. This leak has lasted YEARS without being addressed. There is now an elementary school next door- the City should demand repair now, not allow further delay.

      1. Joel – Can you tell me what you filed and what the response and next steps are? This leak is still a major issue.

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