Photo mystery:

The North End once had a Jewish enclave. The photo above looks like it was taken in the early Twentieth Century and the legend said it was the corner of North Bennet and Salem Streets. But, I think that isn’t accurate. Can any of our urban sleuths who read identify the location?


At the time this photo was taken, Salem Street was the main shopping street in the North End followed by Hanover and Endicott Streets. How times have changed. Many of the North End storefronts have been turned into either restaurants or apartments.

Leave your best guess as to the exact location in the comments below or email


  1. I believe that Edelstein’s (which later became Willy’) was located at the corner of Hanover and Tileston Streets. North Bennett Street is located one block over to the left in the picture. The storefront located to the left was a a hair salon called the “Dutchess.

  2. There was also a whorehouse filled with girls from Rhode Island(Providence) at the begging of Endicott.
    St. the evidence was unearthed from Big Dig Endicott started at Canal St much Irish drinking there and at.
    North Square

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