Inspiring Ideas From “Flights” Competition by Wentworth Students


Students from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture, presented the results of a competition to redesign the Flights area at DeFilippo Playground (The Gassy). Specifically, the assigned project was titled, “Urban Path: Activating the North End Flights.” Within the Flights area, students were encouraged to incorporate a performance space and public restrooms. Each design team produced two 30″ x 40″ boards over approximately 2 weeks including site visits. Submissions were judged and critiqued by professional and student juries. Five finalist projects were presented at a NEWRA meeting on May 8, 2014 shown in the video above.

  • (00:00 in video) Introduction by WIT instructor, Elizabeth Ghiseline, who is also Secretary of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).
  • (05:30) Holly Hersey + Rima Aboulseiman  (Professor’s Choice Award) title: The Green In Between
  •  (13:50) Panharith Ean + Greg Jimmie  (Second Place Overall: Invited jury) title: Recording Ephemera
  •  (20:15) Kylie Trainor + Hailey Cyr   (First Place: People’s Choice Award) title: Falling Skies
  •  (25:30) Sarah St. Onge + Emily Lampert  (Third Place Overall: Invited Jury) title: Defilippo Park: Dynamic Terraces
  •  (30:35) Matt Arsenault + Neal DosSantos  (First Place Overall: Invited Jury + Third Place: People’ Choice Award) title: UN.HINGED
  • Additional team (images posted but not presented) titled Place Inhabiting Edge Conditions by Kevin Fletcher + Phil Seclen (Professor’s Choice Award)

Below are more photos of the boards. (Click the images to enlarge.)


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2 Responses to Inspiring Ideas From “Flights” Competition by Wentworth Students

  1. Frank Gargano Thu, May. 15, 2014 at 1:36 am #

    no way leave it as it is all ready have made to to many changes to the old place its the only last old place we have left in the north end

  2. Severino Garofalo Thu, May. 15, 2014 at 9:36 am #

    leave it as is…….