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“Black Mass” Movie Starring Johnny Depp to Film in North End


The movie “Black Mass” starring Johnny Depp will be filming in the North End on May 29th from 10am – 9pm around the Margaret Street area. The street will be closed for the day and be transformed into a 1970’s period set, including swapping out the street light to the old sodium vapor lamps. The set is also looking to move the sacred planters on the sidewalk.

The movie “Black Mass” is based on the book by two Globe reporters (Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill) recounting the story of Whitey Bulger, Billy Bulger, FBI agent John Connolly and the FBI’s witness protection program. An April casting call was held for “Italian wise guys, Irish tough guys, politicians and people with cars from the 70’s/80’s.”

Crews will be on streets surrounding Margaret Street, including Prince Street, and start setting up on May 27th. Resident parking vouchers at the Parcel 7 (Haymarket) Garage will be available for spaces taken up by the the movie set.

A second location shoot is being considered at the intersection of Tileston and Unity Streets on the night of May 29th until about 1 am. That scene will include rain towers to simulate the night when a victim was discovered in a car.

The location contact is Greg Chiodo of Allied Films, Inc., 617-921-2792.

Watch the video above for more details as announced at this week’s NEWRA meeting.

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