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Police Blotter: Fight on Hanover Street

bpd logo district a-1 clearReported incidents from the past week in the North End / Waterfront area are listed below, courtesy of Boston Police District A-1.

Assault & Battery
3/15/14 2:05am
Police Officers were called to outside of a Hanover Street establishment for a fight. Officers responded and broke up a disturbance between males and females.










03/12/2014  –  33 SNOW HILL ST VANDALISM



03/15/2014  –  280 HANOVER ST ASSAULT & BATTERY

33 Replies to “Police Blotter: Fight on Hanover Street

  1. Females fighting in an establishment and on the streets at 205am. What a joke.
    Men will be men but women always held class and respect. Times are changing fast. seems to be a good amount of girls growing up now are more worried about getting hammered and fighting than worrying about their integrity and the way they hold themselves. What a shame. Glad I found one that doesn’t look forward to slurring and screaming throughout the streets of a historic wonderful neighborhood at 2am in the morning

      1. They never list the name of the establishment but if you look the address up on google you will find out that it is the Caffe Pompei.

      2. Michaeld Does it matter where it took place. Hanover Street is one huge restaurant and cafe spread, so this cafe, or this restaurant, 2 feet apart from one another! ……what’s the difference?

        1. Marisa, I think it does matter especially if there is a pattern of problems & these type of incidents at a particular establishment. I remember over the summer someone [who unfortunately I don’t recall their name] posted several times about a huge brawl that started in a Hanover St. establishment & spilled out into the street but the writer claimed that although the police had to break up the fight the incident was swept under the rug.

          1. Michaeld. Yes, you are right. I’m a bit prejudiced about Hanover Street…….
            …..I guess. It is noisy, with road repair, and double parking causes a problem.
            But, your comment in well taken regarding the benefits of knowing the place of a brawl.

  2. I have nothing personal against Pompeii or Bova’s, but both places are huge draws for late night drunks coming into the neighborhood around bar closing time.

    1. Exactly,
      There is no reason why Bovas should be open that late/early into the morning

      To serve drunks pastry and calzones at 2-3am.

      It’s a residential neighborhood go home.

      There even needs to be a cop detail there. This neighborhood is getting so crazy.

        1. I think Bova’s has been a 24/7 operation since it opened 70+ years ago. I know It definely was open 24/7 when I moved here 30 yrs ago

  3. This fight is only ” 1 ” of Many. I feel that our Police Dept. are told to keep incidents like
    this quiet because of Tourism, not our Quality of Life. I have mentioned in the past
    about another fight that took place on Hanover St. during the beginning – middle of December
    and went into in & around 9 hours of drinking, fight broke out at the bar and ends up on
    Hanover St. Why wasn’t the name of the establishment mentioned, maybe because of
    who owns the establishment, and these owners are still looking for longer drinking hours at
    our expense. I hope to God the Mayor gets that this is a neighborhood and there are more
    people trying to bring their children up here, and if the City has such a Lust for Money,
    leave it down the Seaport, where it is basically commercial property. I ask when is enough,
    enough and some, NOT all of our Bar/Restaurant Owners will tell you it is never enough.
    These owners are not coming from starvation, they are very successful business owners who
    are always looking for more, at every Residents’ Expense.

    1. My family has been here since 1913 and i am currently looking to buy with my wife and start a family outside this neighborhood

      It’s literally turning into Atlantic City and unfortunately I just can’t see myself raising a family here anymore.

      160+ restaurants
      Bovas open all day and night
      Pompeii open until 4am

      Gives kids who live here and throw parties here reason to be out on the streets screaming.

      Just wait until tonight(st paddys). I guarantee Matt will have a video or picture posted of some girl taking a s*** or piss in some alleyway.

    2. north end resident,I agree with you & I’m far from naive & I know the reputation & ownership of some of the places on Hanover St dating back to the seventies. The almighty buck trumpets everything else & I always receive grief when I mention that even today in the NE & other parts of Boston its not what you know but who you know & if you have the right connections & know the right people you can cut a lot of corners.When I read comments from Dan & others it breaks my heart what is happening here.

  4. After reading the above comments, as a resident and business owner I agree that the North End is out of control. The residents need to band together and not allow this to continue. We also have to attend meetings especially the Chamber Of Commerce Meeting April 1st at 8 AM when Mayor Walsh will be in attendance and also the monthly Safety meetings held at the Nazzaro Center. We need to request that the late hours the city is pushing to keep restaurants and bars open until 3:30 throughout the City Of Boston should NEVER happen in the North End. This is something the city may be interested in trying down the Seaport area and if its successful will bring it to other areas in Boston. I am not speaking out against this in other neighborhoods if that is what people want in their community. As for our community, the North End is a residential neighborhood which is beginning to encounter many problems with late night noise, intoxicated people fighting in the streets and much more crime than it ever had before. We need to stop arguing against one another both residents and businesses alike and stand together to fight this if it should come to our neighborhood.

    1. I agree 150% with life long resident. It makes zero sense to me that Bova’s and Pompei are allowed to stay open so late in the middle of such a densely populated neighborhood. Zero sense.

  5. Both Bova’s and Pompeii were grandfathered in years ago. It will probably take many documented complaints, fights, violations to get their hours rolled back. Been tried before and failed.

  6. LTR2 Where there is a Will there is a Way. Strength is in Numbers, and anything worth having
    is worth fighting for. We must NEVER give up. We sat back far too long and this is
    the results, but now is the time when our Politicians who we voted for, to stand up to the plate
    and abolish these so-called Grandfathered In Laws because of the chaos it is causing in the
    neighborhood. Rules were made and Rules have been broken. The neighborhood is on a
    decline and it is up to our Politicians to help us. We know this is no easy task, but I would like
    to think the guys we voted for are tough enough to handle it, and I only hope you and others
    feel the same way. The pressure definitely has to be put on, we have no choice.

  7. NE resident, Yes there is strength in numbers & almost everyone living here wants the same thing which is a clean safe place to live in & raise their children.Many of the people involved in these incidents are non residents who filter into the neighborhood after the bars close because they know that there are some places where the can get something to eat or establishments that serve liquor to already intoxicated people.

  8. Michaeld, I think most of these people live in our area and they are too intoxicated to start
    preparing anything to eat when they go home, and they are probably too drunk to get behind
    the wheel of a car, that would be like committing suicide & taking others along for the ride.
    This is only my opinion, I am not saying this is written in stone.

  9. NE resident I don’t disagree with you thats why I used the word “many” sure its not non-residents who throw out their trash whenever they feel like it & its certainly not non -residents who let thir dogs crap & not pick it up & its not non residents who host loud, drunken parties that last into the wee hours of the morning.There are some people living here who have no respect for their neighbors or the neighborhood combined with the spillover from when the bars close.

  10. The fight definitely did not take place outside the Pompeii. The cop cars were seen in
    front of the China House & another cop car was on the opposite side of the street. A couple
    got into some kind of a dispute with might have been 2 No. End Male Residents and the cop
    made the guys go & this couple were, of course drunk and starting arguing with the cops and
    was yelling this is what your taxes are paying for.

    1. So much for the theory that some like to use that it’s not the bars in the North End that are causing problems…it’s the “kids” coming back from Faneuil Hall. This is clearly a North End issue where people got drunk here and caused problems HERE.

  11. JES, The video that somebody was kind enough to share with me said the exact location
    I said. I begged this person to share this video, but not at this time , and I
    even heard the voice of the guy screaming at the cop, look what your tax dollars
    are paying for, because the cops let the 2 males go. The screaming was
    obviously trying to let others out the street hear him, and I am sure everyone
    who lives on Hanover St. heard him too.

    Hanover St. looked like the “Combat Zone.” Jes this incident I am describing took
    place between 2 -2 30 a.m., now maybe there might have been another incident
    at the Pompeii, but this video doesn’t show the Pompeii, at all.

    Jes, we do not know each other, but I can assure you of one thing, I
    would never make this story up, seeing is believing and this has been going on
    for years.

  12. Did not think you made this story up at all. Could have been two separate incidents. Just pointed out what the police blotter said was the address vs the address for the China House. Hmmmmm! Would not be the first time the police wrote down the wrong address. 🙂

  13. Thank you Jes, for understanding. Trust me when I tell you there is SO MUCH WE DO
    NOT KNOW ABOUT. The video tells the story and by the time these videos get combined
    we may make a 2 hour Documentary on what is going on and has been going on in
    our Neighborhood. thanks again.

  14. Bova’s was only selling bread late at night, and the corner store was not opened and
    selling what there are selling now. I remember going on the bakery side many years ago to
    get bread, that was all that was available to us at the time.

  15. Bova’s was called Bova’s spa the front of the store sold lunch during the day & was a teenage hangout with booths & a jukebox at night. & was owned & run by the old man & sons Ralph, George & Joe.& as NE resident wrote you could get only milk or bread overnite on the bakery side. I might be wrong but I think it was in the eighties when they started selling food in the front & as they say the rest is history.

  16. I should have added that in those days there were no establishments or businesses that were open 24/7 & come to think of it coincidently there were none of the problems this neighborhood is facing today.

  17. John, These drunks are going to have to go to the diner that is located by South Station, I
    think it is the Blue Diner, I am not sure, but it is a few doors down from Splash, and who
    cares where they go as long as we can get civilization back into the Neighborhood.

  18. Please attend our monthly Public Safety Meetings. They are held the 1st Thursday of the month, @ 6.30pm, @ The Nazzaro Center.

    (***NOTE: Our April Meeting will be held @ The Mariner House.***)

    Take the police to task / hold them accountable by asking them questions, etc.

    The Meetings are videotaped and posted on this website, so you can watch them if you are unable to attend.

    Perhaps we will get to the bottom of the highly-publicized “swept under the rug” incident that has been the subject of much discussion on this site, amongst other things.

    Thank you, and please spread the word.

    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Committee Chair

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