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Frosty Snowmen, Icy Harbor & Winter Lights [Photo Gallery]

The all-day Wednesday snow storm brought out kids of all ages to build snowmen. The whitening treatment also gave a frosty shimmer to the floating harbor ice. When it turned dark, the winter lights were all aglow.

Photos by Matt Conti. High resolution gallery and prints.

9 Replies to “Frosty Snowmen, Icy Harbor & Winter Lights [Photo Gallery]

  1. I feel bad being in Jamaica and missing all this snow,yeah,right! Nice pictures Matt, I’m proud to be a North-Ender.

  2. I love the picture of the Prado the best. Love the golden glow of the horse. The trees and the glowing lamposts look so pretty!

  3. Matt, can you take some pictures of Copps Hill Terrace in the winter? It’s so pretty up there.

  4. Even our daughters who live in NYC enjoyed your photos, Matt. Thank you for bringing smiles to all of us.

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