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Neighborhood Council Supports Foster St. Addition with Roof Deck and Lewis St. Spin Studio / Juice Bar


The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) supported two applications at its Monday night meeting on September 9, 2013. A scheduled parking discussion with the Boston Transportation Commissioner was cancelled at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict. BTD Commissioner Thomas Tinlin is expected to appear at the October 15th NEWNC meeting.

(09:40 in video) NEWNC voted 8-1 to support a zoning variance for Anthony Martignetti (M.G. Martignetti, LLC) at 6 Foster Street to change the occupancy of a three family dwelling to a four family. The first floor unit will be expanded into the basement and a new one-story addition with a roof deck will create the fourth unit. The council engaged in an extended discussion with the applicant regarding the proposed roof deck.

(33:25) In a vote of 9-0, the council also supported a proposal by Melina DiPaola (presented by father Damien DiPaola) to open a Spin Bike Studio and juice bar at 10 Lewis Street, the former location of the Armenis Olive Oil Company.

3 Replies to “Neighborhood Council Supports Foster St. Addition with Roof Deck and Lewis St. Spin Studio / Juice Bar

  1. If you don’t live in the building, by definition, you are an absentee landlord. So while the owner may live in the neighborhood, he’s absentee.

    It may NEVER have issues, but he doesn’t live there…therefore, it’s not as easily policed.

  2. Toni Gilardi made an excellent point about the roof deck and who the hell knows what is going to
    happen in the future and who is going to live there.
    Some of our longtime residents who still live in the No. End have properties other than the buildings
    they live in and they are just as bad as the ABSENTEE LANDLORDS they are renting to college kids also, and have no regard for those that live next door to these college kids.

    These buildings are CASH COWS and everyone is cashing in on these college kids at everyone
    else’s expense.

    On Henchman & Charter there was a condo sold that a young adult’s father bought for him and
    he was renting it out as a BED & BREAKFAST and advertising on the internet and getting
    different people from different states & countries staying there, for God knows how much.
    I think the City & State have to checkout these properties, along with all these other Landlords who
    will rent to anyone (college kids) who they get $1,000 each college kid for disgusting apartments.

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