St. John School New Teacher Profile: Brother Gregory Day (2nd Grade)

St. John School
Brother Gregory Day, 2nd Grade Teacher (2B)

St. John School has had the pleasure of hiring two outstanding new teachers to become part of the St. John School family. We are extremely excited about their experience and all the knowledge they will be imparting on our children. They are energetic, passionate, and hard-working educators who will be making difference in our classrooms.

We will be featuring brief profiles on both Brother Gregory Day and Ms. Ashley Goldflam, to introduce everyone to them and give you all an opportunity to meet them.

Meet Brother Gregory Day, 2nd Grade Teacher (2B)

1. Can you tell us a little about your background?
I grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts and attended Saint Agnes School and graduated from Arlington Catholic High School. I have my Masters in Education from Saint Bonaventure University. I am a professed friar of Holy Name Province since 1981. My ministry over these many years has been in Catholic Education. I am presently living at Saint Anthony Shrine/Friary in Downtown Crossing, Boston.

2. What attracted you to teaching?
My first grade teacher, Sister Patrick Mary Vesey, CSJ, had a tremendous impact on my life and it was through her inspiration that I chose a teaching career.

3. What is most rewarding about being a teacher?
In September a teacher receives a new class of students and watches them grow and develop throughout the school year. Upon completion of the school year, the reward comes in seeing their progress and development.

4. What is something your students have taught you?
Since I am a primary teacher, the simplicity of each child and their eagerness to learn have taught me that each student is unique and gifted.

5. What are your first impressions of St John School?
When I received my tour of the school, I was warmly greeted by principal, faculty, parents, and students. It immediately struck me as a school with a “family-like/community-like” atmosphere and a place of welcome.

6. What are your hobbies and interest?
I enjoy daily walks, attending movies and theater, and travel.

7. Tell us something interesting about yourself that your students do not know.
Most things I like and enjoy EXCEPT snakes! ( if you have a pet snake, please don’t bring it in for “show and tell”…. 🙂

8. If you could be one super hero, who would it be and why?
Pope Francis already has made a tremendous impression upon people around the world. I would say that he is a “super hero” because he has chosen the name “Francis” after Saint Francis of Assisi who loved the poor and all of creation. St Francis lived for peace and justice. In my opinion, Pope Francis follows his ideals.

6 Replies to “St. John School New Teacher Profile: Brother Gregory Day (2nd Grade)

  1. Great news for St. John’s. We look forward to meeting Brother Gregory. I feel very good about his experience and his ability to teach the kids and love his “super hero”!

  2. What a great profile on Brother Gregory. I think it will be great for the students to have a male teacher at the school and a Friar. Welcome Brother Gregory.

  3. Thumbs up to Mrs. McLaughlin, the new St. John School Principle. She is doing amazing changes to the school and I am pleased to have Brother Gregory join our “family” at St. John. Keep up the good work.

  4. It’s great for St John’s that two new fantastic teachers are now on board; however, I must give hats off to the veteran teachers who have dedicated 30 plus years to teaching the students there. Recently, Miss Betsy, third grade teacher, decided to retire. She not only taught, but headed the choir and gave up many nights to accompany the choir to various events. She taught over 40 years and will certainly be missed. Ms Marylou, who gets the beginners ready to head to kindergarten is still a very vital member of the faculty She now uses the SMARTBOARD in her classroom which she introduced it to her 4 year olds. Mrs. D’Errico has been teaching 5th for over thirty years and is remembered by former students for her various science experiments and social studies projects. She is a whiz at technology, I hear. Mrs. Sarzano- still there and teaching children of former students ! Still in 8th, getting students ready for high school. These teachers are still an integral part of the SJS community. Experience is a valuable asset and one that should be embraced.I am hoping that these teachers stay on board a while longer so my youngest child can experience the fruits of their labors as did my daughter. In a society that seems to concentrate on the younger set, there must be something said about experienced “veterans” who keep up every year by taking courses, attending workshops, learning new technology , all the while implementing them in their curriculum.I have seen that first hand. Perhaps down the line someone could interview Ms Betsy about her experiences at SJS. It would be nice… 40 plus year dedicated to the SJS community!

    1. Rest in Peace, miss Betsy. You will be missed. sorry to hear about you passing away. You were a fixture at St. John’s .

  5. I couldn’t agree more. In September we will be continuing our “Meet the St. John School Teachers” series and will be profiling a different teacher each month through the school year. We started the series with our two new teachers so everyone could get to know them before school starts – Ashley will be in August. Stay tuned to meet more of our great experienced teachers starting in September.

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