9 Replies to “Woman Falls Off Roof on Hanover Street

  1. What else is new? Do you remember the drunken girl who fell off of a roof on Prince St and
    got $750,000 from the Landlord’s Ins. Co. This maybe the new way to earn money or payoff
    your student loans.

  2. Why are these roof tops accessible?? If they don’t have proper safety walls or railings??
    When I lived in NYC I lived on the 26th floor and our roof WAS accessible for grilling, gardens and chairs but had chest high walls.

    I would think if your roof does not have walls or railings then the land lords better make sure there is No acces.

  3. Seriously? Don’t make this out to be the landlord’s fault. This individual is a grown up who did an idiotic thing and is now paying for it. A landlord shouldn’t have to pay for a dumb college student’s actions. Maybe next time she’ll have one less Barcardi & diet.

    1. I think that will all be for a judge to decide. I’m a landlord and if one of my tenants gets injured because of my negligence, it’s my fault.

      Not saying that the girl wasn’t an idiot but fault will be decided by the court.

  4. Give us back the days when the roofs were used to hang sparkling clean laundry, something these party people know nothing about………….

  5. I believe a roof must be accessible for emergencies. With this said it is now necessary to check out what a landlord must do to ensure that the roof is only used in emergencies. Besides having this written in a lease, a large sign on the roof door in addition to an alarm if door is opened I can not think of anything else a landlord could do. As for the adult who chose to climb fire escapes to enter an apartment from the window, and jump from roof to roof (if this is what she was doing), when is a person responsible for their actions and the consequences of their actions? The incident on Prince Street, with an intoxicated women jumping from roof to roof and falling between two buildings and then getting over 750,000 from the landlords ins. is a disgrace. I wonder if this landlord can sue the intoxicated women for trespassing, etc.

  6. A roof does not need to be accessible provided there are other means of an egress from the dwelling/apt in case of fire. Every building must have a fire escape if it’s above a certain height.

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