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OFFICINA 189, “The Italian Shopping Experience” Opens on North Street

Fabrizio Di Rienzo stands in front of his new Italian shop, OFFICINA 189, located in North Square.

OFFICINA 189, the Italian Shopping Experience, is a new boutique that has opened at 189 North Street in North Square, across from the Paul Revere House in Boston’s North End. Officina translates from Italian to “workshop” and 189 is the address number on North Street.

Owner Fabrizio Di Rienzo is from Milan and comes from a family of leather purveyors. When he visited America, he was inspired to bring niche products used and worn in Italy that hadn’t yet arrived in the U.S.  “In Italy, those who seek to be not just trendy, but unique and elegant will search for niche products that are special,” he explained. “These are the products that I am bringing to Boston.”

The products cover a wide range of categories including niche perfumes, hand-sewn ties and scarves, watches, tailored bicycles and artisan jewelry, to name a few. Fabrizio invites the community to learn more about his unique experience in the North End neighborhood at OFFICINA 189.

Photos by Matt Conti.