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Lantern Ceremony 2013 – Entrance Procession and Invocation [Video]


The annual Lantern Ceremony was held at Old North Church on April 14, 2013.

This video features the Entrance Procession:

  • Color Guard from USS Constitution
  • Grand Lodge of Masons
  • Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts National Lancers
  • Lexington Minute Men
  • Menotomy Minute Men
  • Wilmington Minute Men
  • Watertown Provincial Guard
  • Mr. Michael LePage – Paul Revere (re-enactor)
  • Honorary Lantern Carriers – Alexis Sweeney & Darren Woolf
  • Pam Cross, WCVB-TV News Anchor
  • Dr. Jill Lepore, Harvard University, New Yorker & Keynote Speaker
  • Anne Bailey Berman Chair, Old North Foundation
  • The Rev. Stephen T. Ayres
  • The Rt. Reverend Gayle E. Harris

The entrance procession is accompanied by the Old North Church Choir singing “God of our Fathers,” led by Organist and Director, Dr. Libor Dudas. Following the procession, Vicar of the Old North Church, Rev. Stephen T. Ayres, welcomes the crowd and provides an invocation.

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