Brainstorming on the Future of the Greenway [Video]


Brainstorming was on the agenda at the most recent Greenway Conservancy Board of Directors meeting held on April 9, 2013. Starting with the Board Members and then opening the discussion to the public, Chair Georgia Murray, explained that several realities have changed on the Greenway in the past few years such as the withdrawal of designated non-profits to build on certain Greenway parcels.

With the custom Carousel coming to completion this summer and Public Art program in place, the Board is considering what the future priorities, programming and/or capital projects should be on the Greenway.

Ideas mentioned:

  • skating rink (w/hockey)
  • organic greenhouse
  • bicycling paths
  • theater on the Greenway
  • partnering with arts / music groups in other parts of the State (i.e., Tanglewood)
  • street performers
  • partnering with college groups (i.e., Berkley)
  • casual winter events such as snowbuilding for kids
  • discrete sporting events
  • unique elements in each park to create destinations (i.e., carousel)
  • displays and photo montages (such as the upcoming Flash Forward photo “Fence”)
  • dog park for parcel 12
  • better physical and identifiable connections (such as special crosswalks) between the parks themselves and also the adjacent neighborhoods

Watch the above video for the full brainstorming discussion.

2 Replies to “Brainstorming on the Future of the Greenway [Video]

  1. Why don’t they just focus on planting better gardens? Botanical level Gardens. If you plant it they will come. They focus on all the wrong things. Its as simple as planting amazing gardens.

  2. The most effective, and least expensive attraction is to plant colorful, four season gardens so there is something for visitors to see and enjoy. There is no color, no flowers, no Nature in the urban environment.
    So simple.

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