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9 Cooper Street New Construction Gets Full Support of Neighborhood Council [Video]


Video: 9 Cooper St. new building development presented and voted on at NEWNC meeting on April 1, 2013.

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted unanimously, 7-0, to support zoning relief for Elaine DiGangi and a proposed 6-story residential building development at 9 Cooper Street. NEWNC’s action comes after a similarly favorable vote by the other neighborhood group, NEWRA. The property was previously occupied by a funeral home. Ms. DiGangi also operates the Heart & Sole store on Hanover Street.

The height of the planned apartment building was revised downward to 55 feet from a former proposal at 66 feet, based on neighbor feedback from a previous meeting. A head house and mechanicals will also be located on the roof bringing the total height above the 55 feet. (These are generally not included in the 55′ zoning limit.)

The owner will occupy the top two floors of the building with an elevator and private roof deck. Plans call for an additional four rental units at the property. The proposed development would tear down the existing 1-story building and replace it with a new 6-story apartment building, including a basement. A common trash room, elevator and sprinkler system will be installed in the building.

An outside fire escape plan was discussed as this will require Fire Department exemption from current building codes for new developments. An enclosed trash room will be located in the basement accessible via the elevator.

Abutter Carl Carl Cincotti explained the history of the property and spoke in support of the project as beneficial to Cooper Street. He also expressed a preference for greater light exposure to adjacent properties in the final design.

Both NEWNC and NEWRA are advisory and the final zoning relief decision will be made by the Zoning Board of Appeal.