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Picture Puzzle – St. Valentine’s Blizzard

Stuck inside during the storm? No problem, entertain yourself with this nifty picture jigsaw puzzle. Since everyone has a bit more time, I made this one 50 pieces instead of the usual 35. Good luck and post your time in the comments!

If you are “missing” a piece, it is probably behind another part of the puzzle. Just drag the puzzle around to find it.

Photo by Matt Conti.

7 Replies to “Picture Puzzle – St. Valentine’s Blizzard

  1. Love it Matt~~~~Thank You !!!!!!
    And Thanks to Peter B. for All Saint’s Way!! Just So Beautiful !!!!!!!!

  2. Another good one Matt and I like Janet thank Peter. I believe this one took me the most time so far. Love looking at my neighborhood through your picture puzzles. Again Thanks Matt job well done.

  3. One thing, Matt, I must say~~~I don’t care about the time it takes to complete the puzzles~~~because when it’s done~~~it’s done~~~~~~~I do like to take my time !!!! I enjoy them and relax doing them! Thanks Again !! ha ha ha ha

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