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Outdoor Basketball Court at Nazzaro Playground Being Destroyed by Event Parking [Video]

Parking on Nazzaro Basketball Court – Jan 2013 (Photo by Matt Conti)

A lifelong North End resident, Mikaya Emma, asked for something to be done about the illegal parking on the basketball court in the Nazzaro Center playground. The matter was brought to the attention of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) at the January 14, 2013 public meeting. With nightly events at the indoor Nazzaro gym, the young man said the court is getting destroyed because it is being misused. He suggested the Nazzaro Center get a validation stamp applicable at the Parcel 7 garage ($1 for 1 hour, $3 for 3 hours) for those out-of-towners attending Nazzaro events. NEWNC President Stephen Passacantilli said he would follow up on the issue through City Hall.

A photo of the situation is shown above from January 19, 2013 and the video of the complaint at NEWNC is embedded below.

9 Replies to “Outdoor Basketball Court at Nazzaro Playground Being Destroyed by Event Parking [Video]

  1. subsidized parking? how about they pay full rates like every other person or take public transportation. for all we know, these are old timers from the north end. we all know they have to drive from endicott to hanover.

    1. They are not “Old Timers” from the North End as your comment so rudely states. The Nazzaro Center hosts CYO basketball. The cars belong to the parents of the players from other neighborhoods who come to watch their children play. Their reason for parking there is understandable. The problem Mikaya points out is valid. Parking should not be allowed on the court. As for parking elsewhere in the playground, the decision should be left up to the director of the center.

  2. The majority are out-of-towners attending basketball games and (as I have heard) participating in the bootcamp before work.
    A number of the families stay past the basketball team hours in order to go for a meal so they are getting a great deal (free).
    I have seen a number of North End residents park there during the basketball games but they are in the minority.

  3. I saw this on Saturday. I’ve never seen cars parked on the courts before.

    Why would anyone think this is acceptable behavior? “Hey, look, a basketball court – let’s park on it”

  4. Again, the issue of parking should be addressed by the director of the Nazzaro Center. However, it’s a simple solution. If you have a North End Sticker and your child is playing, park on the street. This will allow guests to have more room to park. If you are a guest, do not park on the court or in the walkway. The gate will be locked 30 minutes after the final game. This give coaches enough time to debrief, families enough time to chit chat and players enough time to change out of uniform.

  5. there were 3-4 cars parked there last night and the Community Center was closed, all the lights were out inside. Is this new overnight parking?

  6. The issue is about cars on the court, not on other surfaces. For the final time, please let the director of the Nazzaro Center handle the situation. He is highly intelligent and capable of rectifying the situation. As for the cars that were there overnight, they could have also belonged to the members or guests of the rectory. They park there as well.

  7. Very interesting comment about members and guests of the rectory being able to park in the ‘community’ parking lot. Are other ‘community’ members and guests allowed to park there – short time or overnight? I do not have a car but my guests with cars are always forced to pay for parking if they cannot find one of (the few) visitor spots open. If parking is allowed in this community space then it should be first come, first served, Not limited to members and guests of the rectory. They have their own parking lot. If that is full, they can pay like my friends.

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