5 Replies to “Everyday Gutter Trash on North Street [Photos]

  1. It’s disgusting! Even my 4 year old comments on how gross it is. Maybe they didn’t put it there, but the people who live in where the mess is should pick up a broom and shovel and scoop it up. How can you live with this at your doorstep?

  2. Our residential and commercia neighbors should be cleaning up the street & sidewalks in front of their buildings. This includes my building 350 North Street

  3. During the winter months, almost every street looks like this. I clean the street in front of my building several times a week but my efforts are almost useless. Windswept trash appears almost instantly. It’s a losing battle. There are so many factors that cause this problem; improper trash disposal, lack of public trash cans and certainly the suspension of street sweeping until April 1st. It’s a very unpleasant sight for residents and visitors.

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