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Boston Police and Neighborhood Council Address Late Night Noise on North End Streets [Video]

Boston Police District A-1 Captain Thomas Lee and Sergeant Thomas Lema appeared before the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) to talk about recent complaints about noise and quality of life issues in the neighborhood. The discussion centered around the causes of late night street activities relating to a younger North End population and the role of bars/restaurants with extended hours in and around the community. Captain Lee highlighted the importance of NEWNC in its role of issuing letters of support or opposition for late night alcohol licenses.

“We mostly see people that are over-served from the bars they are coming from and walking back to the neighborhood,” said Captain Lee, “along with the house parties.” Sgt Lema added that he is “amazed at the droves of young professionals” walking through the North End. “They are a happy crowd that unfortunately are impacting the quality of life of others.” Late night drinking hot spots were identified at Faneuil Hall and TD Garden. When asked about the impact of North End restaurants, Captain Lee said, “We don’t have nightclubs in the North End as we do in other areas of the city. Are people looking for a place to eat before going home? I think so. It’s another reason to linger.” Sgt. Lema added that in the summer, the amount of valet and late night street traffic creates a noisy environment.

NEWNC and Boston Police discussed the possibility of private police details funded by North End restaurants and bars, especially those that are open late. The police detail supplied by Bova’s Bakery at the intersection of Salem and Prince Streets received positive reviews from the group.

Watch the video above for the full discussion between police and NEWNC held on January 14, 2013.

11 Replies to “Boston Police and Neighborhood Council Address Late Night Noise on North End Streets [Video]

  1. Suggest Pompeii be required to get a detail. That place, like Bova’s, are late night destinations…ie, post 1AM destinations.

    It’s now time to start talking about extra police for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Last year was horrific in the North End and most of the issues were before night fall. Let’s try not to get caught off guard again.

  2. I don’t serve people who come in wearing ridiculous st. patricks hats and whatnot – they can go to fanuil hall for their drinks. not worth the hassle.

  3. Some of these drunks who create noise and havoc coming out of bars at 2 a.m. believe that to be truly a “world class city” Boston bars should be open until 4 a.m.

  4. The police tell the council its the liquor licenses that are the problem and the late night eateries. Less than a half hour later, the council approves a mixed drink late night liquor license at 5 North Square with multiple bars in a residential section. When they ask for food to be served with alcohol and the owner says no, they still approve it.

    This could be the greatest display of hypocrisy ever witnessed at a meeting of the council, which has a long history of it. What I see here are personal interests being protected with no regard for the North End people.

    If you don’t like the late night noise. Don’t blame the police. Don’t blame the restaurants. BLAME NEWNC.

  5. reading some of your previous comments, being a life long resident of the hood all the councils and committees never existed growing up who gives them the right to ya or nay someone the ok to opinion all they are is a recommendation and my vote is to ABOLISH all these foolish committees and revert back to the old ways of POLICING our own streets!!!!

  6. I am not making excuses for our Boston Police, but the
    orders are coming from the Mayor of the City of Boston.

    Boston got picked for the drunkest City in the U.S. again.

    The No. End is a Big Cash Cow for the City of Boston,
    and you don’t even know the half of it. There have
    been plenty of fights in this neighborhood and it has
    been covered up.

    Liquor Licenses and Roof Decks are the way to go, and
    the hell with the residents. This could never take place
    in the Mayor’s immediate Neighborhood.

    If anyone truly wants to know what is going on in the
    No. End they should try interviewing the people who
    live above these establishments. One restaurant & only
    one has a sign saying have regard for our neighbors.

    Face the Facts, the City only cares about the revenue
    the bars & restaurants bring in and then punish the
    property owners by raising Real Estate Taxes on certain
    properties, not all No. End Properties.

    God works in mysterious ways, watch what happens,
    we will all see, this is only the beginning stages of a
    serious battle. We the residents have to stick together
    like never before, after all, this is over 20 years of
    madness and it has gotten much worse.

    There is a Solution and it is not these insane Ordinances
    that are in existence, because we still have the same
    violators. We need an Honest Person to represent us
    who can stand up to the Mayor and let him know,

  7. You can thank our City & State Officials for the demise of
    the No. End..

    What fines have been given out?

    These so-called ordinances are a big insult to all the
    North End residents.

    This neighborhood is about liquor licenses and roof
    decks which amounts to noise and more noise, and of
    course, money and more money and the hell with the

    We have to make better choices when we vote for people
    to represent the residents, these people are all for the
    bars and restaurants.

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