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The Boston Harbor Association 2012 Annual Meeting [Video]

Video: The Boston Harbor Association Annual Meeting – November 27, 2012

The Boston Harbor Association (TBHA) held its 2012 Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening at Bingham’s law offices at 1 Federal Street, Boston. A summary timeline follows:

00:00 Introduction by TBHA Board Chair Brian Dacey

01:50 Richard Walker, Chair of Nominating Committee – New Trustees, 2nd Term Trustees and Slate of Officers

07:40 Bernie Dreiblatt, Financial Report

10:30 Julie Wormser, TBHA Executive Director

  • Harbor Bound Program
  • Waterfront Development
  • Summer on the Waterfront
  • Climate Change
  • Online Communications

The presentation by TBHA President Vivien Li and UNH Professor Dr. Paul Kirshen, “Boston’s Waterfront After Hurricane Sandy” will be posted separately.