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Where is the Money in the North End / Waterfront and Downtown Boston?

Median Household Income for North End / Waterfront and Downtown Boston (Blue is “high” or “very high” while pink is “low” or “very low.”) Source: Boston Public Schools

As part of its school choice/quality review, Boston Public Schools published a map of Boston’s median household income using 2011 data by census block. Enlarging the North End / Waterfront and Downtown Boston area shows some interesting dynamics. (Blue is “high” or “very high” while pink is “low” or “very low.”)

The North End / Waterfront continues to be a relatively well-off neighborhood, as shown by the blue areas in the map. However, income levels vary by census block from “average” ($46,001 – $74,000) to “very high” (over $74,000).

A recent philanthropic study recently identified the 02113 zip code to be 54% under 30 years of age, including many students. The student population and substantial senior/affordable housing, is likely influencing the income results around large rental properties and senior developments.

Not surprisingly, the North End waterfront and its pricey real estate are where higher income households reside. The Downtown Boston waterfront area, sometimes referred to as the Wharf District, is also a very high income area. One interesting block is along the North End Greenway which is now a “high” income block.

Looking at nearby neighborhoods, there are substantial “very high” or “high” blocks in Charlestown, Beacon Hill, Back Bay and parts of the South End. East Boston continues to show “low” or “very low” income levels. An interesting area to watch will be the West End, where there are substantial residential developments in progress with a mix of rental price points.

The full map for the City of Boston is shown below:

Maps courtesy of Boston Public Schools.