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Poll Results: Near Evenly Split Vote for Greenway’s Parcel 9 Development Proposals Near Haymarket

In the closest 4-option poll we have ever had , the results are too close to call among the Parcel 9 development proposals currently under consideration by the Mass. Department of Transportation.

With a total of 82 votes, Market Square by Upton + Partners slightly edged out the others with 29% of the vote, followed closely by Blackstone Market by Cresset Group & DeNormandie Companies with 26%. Still, the Boston Museum (23%) and Haymarket Square Hotel (22%) proposals were only behind by a couple of votes.

As we previously reported, the neighborhood groups are leaning toward Upton + Partners residences while the Haymarket Pushcart Association favors Blackstone Market mixed-use.

Our take on the results: MassDOT has a very difficult decision to make in designating a developer for Parcel 9.

Disclaimer: Polls are not scientific and representative only of a self-selected sample of readers.

For reference, the four proposals are:

  • Boston Museum – Civic, cultural and historical Boston-focused museum with education and meeting spaces, store, cafe and marketplace on the ground floor. (Presentation Video)
  • Blackstone Market (Cresset & DeNormandie) – 50 rental housing units at North Street with three large restaurants on second floor, a first floor market and a green roof/agricultural center. (Presentation Video)
  • Haymarket Square Hotel (Normandy Partners) – 180-room hotel with 2-story public winter garden, a ground market, HPA and retail space, top floor restaurant and rooftop garden. (Presentation Video)
  • Market Square (Upton + Partners) – 119 rental apartments, Italian-themed “Eataly” food markets / eateries on first floor and 3-story “Market Square” extension near Hanover Street. (Presentation Video)

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  1. I think it is worth noting that 75% of those voting did NOT support the Boston Museum proposal. It is reassuring to know that people recognize a boondoggle when they see one. There are so many better uses for public money in these tight times that I cannot understand why this is still being considered.

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