Video: “The Pride of Later Generations: North End History Remembered in The Prado” by Alex R. Goldfeld, President and Historian, North End Historical Society

On Thursday, May 17, 2012, the Old North Church hosted a three part public lecture, “The Paul Revere Mall: History, Art and Community.”


Following a talk about the Prado park and the how artist Cyrus Dallin’s struggled to see his Paul Revere scultpure erected, the audience heard from Alex R. Goldfeld, presenting  “The Pride of Later Generations: North End History Remembered in The Prado.”

This lecture follows a successful April 29, 2012 outdoor celebration. The two events are intended to raise a new consciousness about the importance of the Paul Revere Mall for its historical, public and community value. The event sponsors are actively promoting investment in the Mall in order to restore the physical integrity of the space to Shurcliff’s original design and to see a revitalization of the park as both a historical monument and a beautiful open space for neighborhood and visitor gathering and reflection.

Sponsors: Old North Church, Cyrus Dallin Art Museum, Paul Revere Memorial Association, North End Historical Society, North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association, and Friends of the Prado.

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