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Immigration and Armenian Memorial Monument “The Armenian Heritage Park”

A new monument commemorates a continuing flow of different peoples immigrating to Boston, to America. Their struggles captured using the mediums of sculpture and landscape designs currently being constructed on our Greenway at the corner of Cross/Atlantic Ave, Boston.

This monument celebrates all immigrants who have entered Boston hoping and working to make a better life for themselves and their families. Bronze and Stone are being used to educate us all about these historic events affecting all of us.

Coinciding with this positive acceptance of a foreign peoples into our country America, simultaneously the other section of this memorial park teaches all of us about the Armenian genocide of 1.5 million people in 1915 , the nonacceptance of people culture by another.

Currently, this patch on the Greenway, next to the wharf promenade, will soon be transformed into a park that honors the history of immigrants building the US. Trees will surround a labyrinth of granite pathways, winding inward to a jet of water. A 12-sided sculpture will change shapes periodically and will pay tribute to the nation’s immigrant experience.

The park, a gift to the City of Boston from the Armenian American community, will also commemorate the 1915-era Armenian genocide that took about 1.5 million lives as well as other genocides.

Boston Bronze and Stone Speak To Us ” will include this beautiful and truthful monument in its second edition.