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Pizzer Makers Episodes 1 and 2 with Frankie Imbergamo

An update from North End native and local actor Frankie Imbergamo:

Our pizzer makers webisode series was involved in the Boston Comedy festival on November 12, 2011 at the Charles Playhouse. The event was sponsored by Carol Patton and Imagine Magazine. We came in second place out of 14 different films shown on the big screen!!  I am also involved with a new Sundance/Indy film called “DJ Stan the Man” where I play a photographer, a main character. Plus, I am currently involved with the new movie called “RIPD” starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. I am playing a 1970’s police officer.

We are filming episode 3 of Pizzer makers very soon!! In the meantime, catch up on Episode’s 1 and 2:

“PIZZER MAKERS!” From Boston, see this HILARIOUS pilot webisode based on writer/director Chris Palermo’s experiences growing up working in the family pizza business! See very believable performances from these Boston actors as they spit out some great one-liners that will make you laugh and cringe at the same time!

Follow the adventures of Frankie and Lou as they try to bring more business into the joint! Tony arranges for the boys to record a radio commercial and hilarity ensues!