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North End Greenway Tree Lighting

As part of its “Bright Lights for Winter Nights” event on December 21, 2010 the Greenway Conservancy hosted the 2nd annual tree lighting of the Great Elm in the North End Greenway parks. The Great Elm was the first tree planted on the Greenway and remains the largest of the young parks. Enjoy the pictures and videos below. Also see, more photos in the photo gallery.

Adding to the festivities was bell ringing by the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) led by Executive Director Rebecca Griffin. (Click the video clip below.)

City Councilor Sal LaMattina and Greenway Conservancy Executive Director Nancy Brennan led the countdown to the tree lighting. See the video below for the tree lighting. (Ed: Feel free to turn your computer sideways halfway through the video clip below. Sorry!)

4 Replies to “North End Greenway Tree Lighting

  1. Looks like a fun event. Thanks Matt for bringing us a bit of these holiday events. It is really putting me in the spirit. This one was a bit early for people that work. Cool videos.

  2. I am new to the area and just found your wonderful site. It is great to be able to get the information on everything that is happening in our neighborhood. As I was looking at the calendar at the top left I clicked on the link hoping to get more information on the events. Being new I do not have any idea what Piccoli Regali means. I clicked on the link hoping to get more informaton as to what the event was but all that was there were the basic details of time and place.


  3. Hi Joanna,
    Welcome and thanks for your comments.

    The calendar is having a technical issue with links. It is based on a Google calendar and they seem to be having widespread issues. It has happened before and generally gets fixed in short order. In the meantime, Piccoli Regali is a food relief program at the Old North Church. The link you were looking for is pasted below. Thanks again. –Matt

    Old North Church Resumes Piccoli Regali on December 4th

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